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On June 16, 2021, the U.S. and world press enjoyed a media frenzy. A Colorado woman experienced every landlord’s nightmare. A tenant from hell left dead cats, feces, and obscene graffiti. Check out the photos below.

This news story appeared in CNN, The Washington Post, The Denver Post, and the UK Daily Mail, amongst others.

The UK Daily Mail news story headline claimed:

“Colorado home destroyed by ex-tenant who covered it with obscene graffiti and feces and left behind a freezer full of rotting meat hits the market as a ‘fixer-upper’ for $590,000”.

The Daily Mail didn’t pull any punches when declaring that the 3,598 square-foot home listed as an “investor special” included graffiti messages like “Evict Me Bitch”.

Landlords need to learn lessons from this wrecked home.


Tenant From Hell – Left Dead Cats, Feces, Obscene Graffiti – IMAGES


tenant from hell homeColorado Springs home spray-painted by a former tenant who didn’t pay rent. (Courtesy: Mimi Foster) Licensed for re-publication. Copyright by PPMLS 2021

The above photo shows the five bedrooms, four bathrooms, three-car garage home in a beautiful Colorado Springs neighborhood before the vandalism.

Imagine walking into this home and facing:

  • Rooms destroyed with a hammer;
  • Walls spray-painted with obscenities in every room;
  • Carpets reeking of animal and human feces;
  • Rugs “saturated with urine”;
  • A freezer filled with rotten meat requiring masks with filters to block the stench; and
  • Dead cats.


tenant from hell graffiti                  Photos of a listing for a home in Colorado Springs spray-painted by a former tenant who reportedly did not pay rent.       (Courtesy: Mimi Foster) Licensed for re-publication. Copyright by PPMLS 2021


tenant from hell more graffiti                       The defaced Colorado Springs house. (Courtesy: Mimi Foster) Licensed for re-publication. Copyright by PPMLS 2021

As you can see, graffiti spray-painted in every room.

Before the eviction, the angry woman left a private message for the homeowner.


tenant from hell door graffiti(Courtesy: Mimi Foster) Licensed for re-publication. Copyright by PPMLS 2021


Tenant From Hell Facts


How did this poor landlady end up with a beautiful home trashed?

The Washington Post news story headline blared:

“Spray paint, soiled carpets, dead cats: Evicted tenant allegedly turned home into ‘slice of hell’.”

Originally, it began as a comforting home for Suzy Myers whose family moved out in the mid- 2000s due to her health issues. She rented the home to a woman for 10 years without any problems.

Then, the original leaser disappeared with many assuming she died. A relative moved in and never paid the $2,800 monthly rent.

Worse, the new occupant put a new roof on the home. But, she never paid the contractor who filed a $38,000 lien on the property. Under Colorado law (as in most states) the actual owner of the property becomes liable for payment of the new roof. Suzy Myers couldn’t afford to pay the contractor. Now the property faces foreclosure.

However, near Halloween in 2019, the woman got evicted. Yet, within two weeks from her departure, the property manager let her back inside. That’s when the destruction occurred.

In the meantime, Suzy Myers, 58 years old lives in Arizona recovering remission from cancer. She hopes someone buys the home to keep it out of foreclosure.


The Tenant From Hell Home Listing


CNN headline blared out:

This disgusting ‘house from hell’ is listed for $600,000 … and getting multiple all-cash offers”

Mimi Foster, the real estate agent described her first preview of the Myers home as something she never encountered before. The horrible smell of feces and urine along with the year-old rotten meat overwhelmed her senses. The black-painted graffiti vulgarities in every room shocked her. Yet, the dead cats locked in one of the bathrooms horrified her. It looked like a “war zone”.

Despite the terrible condition of the home, facing a foreclosure meant listing the property for an “As Is” cash sale. Her property listing description honestly described the hell hole it became. The photos above all appeared in her listing. A dilapidated home with an asking price of $590,000. The listing describes it as a “little slice of heaven” stemming from a “tenant from hell”.

Ironically, the Denver TV News Channel story included this fact about the listing. Despite the rancid smells, profanity graffiti, and extensive damage, Mimi Foster claimed that she received “16 cash offers within the first 24 hours” of the listing.

Likewise, the Denver Post news story declared that the listing got over 150,000 viewers in its first 24 hours. Maybe the listing’s catchy headline perked the curiosity of so many viewers?

“If you dream of owning your own little slice of hell and turning it into a piece of heaven, then look no further”


Lessons Learned from the Tenant From Hell Home Saga


Here are a few lessons to learn from this sad story.


1. The Benefits of Keeping Tenants Happy


A while back, we published a blog post titled, “How To Keep Your California Tenants Happy”. It explains:

  • How to educate your tenants about your rules and expectations;
  • Checking on your tenants regularly to get feedback and let them know of your availability when problems occur;
  • Performing quick repairs so they aren’t inconvenienced long;
  • Rapidly respond to tenants’ communications;
  • Sending friendly reminders before rents due;
  • Rewarding your tenants to show your appreciation with gift cards for birthdays and special occasions; and
  • Regular property inspections (included in the lease) to see if any maintenance or repairs are necessary.


2. Attract Good Tenants


We published a post here titled, “Top Rental Features Attract Good Tenants”. Our post lists several important rental features that attract good tenants like:

  • Quality nearby schools that good renters desire;
  • Safety and security where renters feel safe in the unit and walking around the neighborhood;
  • Ready to move in condition units attract good tenants who take care of the property;
  • Close to work means a lot to good tenants who appreciate short commutes;
  • Strategic upgrades like hardwood flooring, granite counters, covered patio, etc.;
  • Include appliances making it convenient to move in faster;
  • The top-quality neighborhood attracts better lifestyles; and
  • A cooperative landlord means fewer problems for tenants.


3. Manage Your Rentals Efficiently


Our blog post titled, “How to Successfully Manage Your Rental Property” teaches you how to:

  • Buy and repair rental properties;
  • Set rental prices based on market research and list your expectations of tenants;
  • Tips on how to find good tenants;
  • Writing and reviewing tenant leases;
  • Checking and maintaining your rentals;
  • Tips on collecting rents;
  • Eviction tips;
  • Setting up a good accounting system; and
  • Educating yourself about becoming a landlord.

Bonus: Read our helpful post, “How San Diego Landlords Handle Tenant Damages”.


4. Dealing With Late Payments


Next, our blog post titled, “What to do When Your California Tenants Pay Rent Late”. It shows you step-by-step what to do when your tenants either pay late or don’t pay.

Learning the laws and rules about late payments in California helps you to prepare. Such as:

  • Understanding basic California Rental Agreements;
  • Knowing California late rent payment fee rules;
  • Learning California bounced check fee rules;
  • Following California state laws about late rent payment fees;
  • Understanding reasonable late payment fees;
  • Resources for learning California rent control ordinances;
  • Knowing how long to wait before evicting a non-paying tenant;
  • Using the three-day notice to pay rent or quit law;
  • How to serve a tenant with the three-day notice; and
  • Tenant eviction rules.

Bonus: Read our post, “How to Evict a Problem Tenant in California”.

5. Buy Extra Insurance


The saddest part about this homeowner/landlord saga is that her insurance company rejected her claim. She didn’t buy extended insurance for vandalism.

Bonus: Read our post about, “Insurance Policies for Landlords”. We show you more insurance coverage options to pay for tenant damages.


6. Prepare Stronger Lease Agreements


How did a supposed “relative” of a presumed deceased tenant move in and take over the lease?

Probably, the relative was an illegal squatter? The lease agreement must contain contingencies when a tenant dies. It should become “null and void” ending the lease agreement. Thus, the stranger moving in would be an illegal squatter.

For more tips, read our blog post, “What to Include in Your California Lease Agreement”.


Remember the Property Manager of the Tenant From Hell Home?


According to the Daily Mail, the property manager claimed the tenant filed a motion with the foreclosure court asking for entry to the home “to get her things” after the eviction. So, the property manager let the tenant from hell back inside after the eviction. Yikes!

The error the property manager committed was not supervising the woman getting her stuff. Letting her back in after the foreclosure without watching what she did lead to the vandalism.


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