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Learn why Pacific Beach in San Diego is a renter’s paradise in 2021. Our post shows renters why the Pacific Beach, San Diego neighborhood is a great place to live.

Located between Interstate 5 to the east, the Pacific Ocean at its west, La Jolla at its north, with Mission Beach and Mission Bay at its south.

Pacific Beach (called “PB” by its locals) provides renters with a lively nightlife scene. Its Mission Boulevard and Garnet Avenue streets contain many clothing stores, bars, and restaurants.

Yet, it’s more famous for its numerous beaches and parks. You and your entire family will enjoy outside picnics and fun in the parks and beach activities.


Why Pacific Beach in San Diego is a Renter’s Paradise in 2021

Pacific Beach, San Diego Facts


Pacific Beach’s population averages 50,000 year-round. Men and women are evenly divided. The median age of 31.2 years is mostly college-educated. Over 23,000 households are in Pacific Beach.

Pacific Beach residents are mostly white-collar working for private companies. The average income nears $96,000 per year. The vast majority are car owners.

Summer months see an increase as visitors and tourists come to flock to the nearby beaches.


Pacific Beach, San Diego Beaches


The Pacific Beach community contains three beaches that the locals call “The Strand”. These three beaches are:

Mission Beach sitting on the south side of Mission Drive. Its amenities include:

  • Amusement Park;
  • Arcade;
  • Bike Path;
  • Boardwalk;
  • Fire Pits;
  • Grass Park;
  • Lifeguard;
  • Picnic Tables;
  • Restaurants;
  • Showers; and
  • Wave House.


North Pacific Beach found on the north side of the Boardwalk and Crystal Pier. Amenities include:

  • Boardwalk;
  • Fishing Pier;
  • Grass Parks;
  • Lifeguards; and
  • Restrooms.


Pacific Beach stretches from the La Jolla cliffs to Mission Bay. A very popular beach for locals and visitors. One of nine beaches with permanent lifeguards. Its other amenities include:

  • Bathrooms located on both Diamond and Law Streets;
  • Grassy parks with benches;
  • Bluffs with beautiful ocean views; and
  • Two permanent lifeguard towers.


Pacific Beach Parks


Your family will love the Pacific Beach parks including the largest aquatic park in the country. Here are summaries of the eight Pacific Beach parks:

  1. Capehart Dog Park provides a fenced-in area for dogs to frolic and roam without leashes. It’s located on the official Pacific Beach;
  2. Crown Point Park sits on the bay favored by the locals for its traditional Fourth of July fireworks show;
  3. Fanuel Street Park sits at the end of Pacific Beach. Local joggers love this park. Families favor its large playground facilities which toddlers and older children enjoy;
  4. Kate Sessions Memorial Park enjoyed by picnickers and dog lovers for playing and basking in the fabulous views. Ranked #1 for the most scenic views on Pacific Beach;
  5. Law Street Beach Park offers beautiful sunset views. The views include the beach, cliffs, and surfers. A grassy area on the end of Law Street is popular with picnickers. Activities include Saturday and Sunday yoga sessions;
  6. Mission Bay Park boasts over 4,231 acres of land and water making it the nation’s biggest aquatic park. Along its 25-miles of shoreline, you will find 19 sandy beaches. Eight of the beaches provide separate swimming areas. During the pre-pandemic, more than 14 million visitors enjoyed this park annually;
  7. Pacific Beach Recreational Center Park provides well-lighted basketball and tennis courts. Likewise, a well-lighted multiple purposes athletic field. Families like the outdoor children’s sandlot. Also, an indoor games room, weight rooms, and gym; and
  8. Tourmaline Surfing Park offers a remote beach location favored by local surfers.

Besides the eight Pacific Beach parks, the Rose Creek wetlands flow through the Pacific Beach neighborhood on its way to Mission Bay.

The beaches and parks make Pacific Beach in San Diego a renter’s paradise in 2021!


Pacific Beach Things To Do


The best source for describing a neighborhood’s attractions is Trip Advisor. Their list of Pacific Beach, San Diego things to do include:

Crystal Pier offering a hotel and a public pier situated near the Boardwalk on Garnet Avenue. The pier remains open during the day and closed at night which ensures privacy for the hotel’s cottage guests. The cottages opened in 1961 allowing visitors to “sleep over the ocean”. Tourists rage about the unique beautiful evening views.

Mission Bay Golf Course where Tiger Woods won a Junior World title provides an 18-hole a par 58 golf course on 46 acres. San Diego’s unique golf course using night lights. Its beautiful golf course contains many trees, foliage, and waterfalls nestled in a luxurious setting.

Pacific Beach/Taylor Library covering 12,470 square feet hosts many year-round events. During the pre-pandemic, this hosted so many events they publish an events calendar Here.


Best Bars in Pacific Beach


With so many bars in PB, its easier to let you look at the following lists with ratings and summaries to decide which ones fit your likings:


Best Restaurants in Pacific Beach

Trip Advisor endorses the following Pacific Beach restaurants:

  • Kono’s Café got 4.5 Stars (out of 5) from 1,266 reviews enjoying their American-style breakfasts. Check out their website for the menus and hours;
  • Sushi Ota earned 4.5 Stars with 857 reviews praising their delicious sushi. View their menu and hours at their website;
  • Taco Surf received 4.5 Stars with 236 reviews raving about their fish tacos and Mexican cuisine. Check out their website for menus and hours; and
  • The Fishery rated 4.5 Stars by 393 reviews loving its fresh seafood. View their website and their Facebook page for menus and updates.


Foursquare recommends the Restaurante Costa Brava, featuring Spanish cuisine like paella and tapas with sangria. View their Facebook site.


Best Schools in Pacific Beach


The Pacific Beach community belongs to the San Diego Unified School District. The highest rated schools in PB are:

These top schools also make Pacific Beach in San Diego a renter’s paradise in 2021.


Pacific Beach, San Diego Renter’s Paradise 2021 Conclusion


We conclude our explanation of why Pacific Beach in San Diego is a renter’s paradise in 2021 with this summary:

  • The Pacific Beach is a relatively small community;
  • Famous for its numerous beaches and parks;
  • The Strand provides residents with three beautiful beaches and lots of amenities;
  • Eight unique parks and a wetland makes the Pacific Beach neighborhood desirable;
  • A famous golf course, popular pier, and a large active library keep locals busy;
  • Top tourist locations review sites rave about the bars and restaurants in Pacific Beach; and
  • One of the best elementary schools in the country is available for Pacific Beach residents along with other schools offering unique learning programs.

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